Does your restaurant make use of fresh or organic produce? Make the most out of your fresh ingredients in the kitchen by storing them properly.

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #7: Chicken Inasal with Ginger Honey Glaze

    Combining the sweetness of honey with the pungent taste of ginger to create a healthy and undeniably delicious flavor? Pure genius. Recreate this flavorful idea with Bacolod’s famous Chicken Inasal for your upcoming media noche:       Ingredients: 1k Chicken Leg and Thigh 1 pack Clara Ole Inasal Marinade  1 clove Garlic 2 stalks…

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #6: Spicy Garlic Cheese Mussels

    Savor the heat with a delicious serving of Spicy Garlic Cheese Mussels, created by TasteSetters Chef Peter Ayson.     Ingredients: 1K large mussels, pre-boiled and shelled 2 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce 300g unsalted butter 2 Tbsp sugar 225g quick melt cheese, grated 1 pack Clara Olé Béchamel White Sauce 200g  …

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #5: Grilled Peanut BBQ Pork Belly

    Who would’ve thought that peanut butter could be a key ingredient in unlocking a nutty way to grill liempo! We recommend you try this recipe today.     Ingredients: 1k pork belly  1 pack Clara Olé Original BBQ Marinade  McCormick Black Pepper Ground, to taste For Peanut BBQ Sauce: 1/2 pack Clara Olé Original BBQ…

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #4: Chargrilled Shrimp X.O

    Imbibe the spicy flavors of Hong Kong with this TasteSetters favorite!       Ingredients: 100g onions 100g garlic  80g red bell pepper, chopped 2 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce 50ml Chinese White Wine 1 Tbsp Sugar  McCormick Iodized Salt, to taste McCormick Black Pepper Ground, to taste 1K large shrimps  2 pcs lemon …

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #3: Honey Garlic Crab

    Szechuan? Salt and Pepper? Steamed? Scratch that. Unlock a new way to serve fresh crabs with this recipe idea!     Ingredients: 3-4 pcs, mud crab, cleaned 2 tbsp vegetable oil  30g garlic, chopped  30g leeks, sliced  5g red chili, chopped  ¾ cup Lee Kum Kee Honey Garlic Sauce  1 cup water  30g unsalted butter…

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #2: Grilled Cumin Squid

    Specializing in local cuisine? Add a touch of asian flavor into your Media Noche  package with this recipe.     Ingredients: 750g Squid Adobo  5 cloves garlic 100ml Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce 70ml calamansi juice  2 Tbsp light brown sugar  5g Bird’s Eye red chili  McCormick Cumin, to taste   Procedure: 1. Clean…

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    BOODLE FIGHT DISH #1: Hoisin Ginger Manila Clams

    Here’s a Filipino favorite with a unique oriental twist made by Chef Peter Ayson!   Hoisin Ginger Manila Clams Ingredients: 2 Tbsp vegetable oil  80g onions 30g garlic  3-4 pcs long dried chilis 30g leeks  50g ginger  1 Kilo fresh large clams 2 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce  5 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee Premium…

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    Tastesetters Workshop | Bread and Pastries Food Trends

    tastesetters workshop | bread and pastries food trends     TasteSetters Workshop | Bread and Pastries Food Trends   I used to bake a lot back when I was still in school. I love baking because of its discipline and the Science in it. The ingredients are measured like they are formula and the procedures…

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    Culinary Work Shops

    I'm not much of a chef material, but whenever I cook, I super make sure it tastes and looks good even if it's just for me and at home. This summer, I had the chance to attend two culinary workshops through Taste Setters by SySu International Inc., the name behind some of the country's well known food…

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