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    Who says longganisa is only meant to be cooked with a sweet-tangy glaze?

    Who says longganisa is only meant to be cooked with a sweet-tangy glaze? Through this recipe from Quezonarya 2018, find out how to get a good crunch out of longganisa and top it off with a great dip:   Ingredients: Longganisa Croquette Mixture: 6 pcs Lucban longganisa, cooked 2 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tbsp Lee Kum…

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    Taste Setters: Palawan Cuisine Workshop Day 2 (Beverage & Asian Cuisine)

    Here’s an update for the 2nd day of our Palawan Cuisine workshop! Happened in Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel where our guest chef, Chef Rhea Castro-Sycip gived demos in making unique desserts and beverages (morning session) and Asian cuisine (afternoon session).  Check out how our participants from our Beverage workshop were able to make…

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    Taste Setters: Palawan Cuisine Workshop Day 1

    Day one of Taste Setters workshop series with the talented chefs and food entrepreneurs of Palawan! Our guest chef, former ‘Sarap Pinoy’ TV host and food entrepreneur, Chef Rhea Castro-Sycip sharing her knowledge about the latest recipe trends and giving demo to our audience.   Here are some some interesting dishes she prepared for this workshop.  …

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    Cooking made easy with Ariston stoves!

    A new design and feature in built in stove is now available! Ariston stoves are very practical, economical and time saving when cooking. 5 gas burners with Direct Flame Unlike traditional burners with a radial flame that concentrate the heat in only some parts, Direct Flame burners, with their 420 micro-holes that vertically irradiate the…

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    Taste Setters: Palawan

    Get your pens ready and mark June 27, 2018 on your calendars because the former ‘Sarap Pinoy’ TV host and food entrepreneur, Chef Rhea Castro-Sycip will be taking the lead in the next TasteSetters workshop in Palawan. Don’t forget to follow our page as we will be sharing some of her insights and unique recipes…

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    Father's day recipe

    It’s Father’s Day! Got a special menu planned out just for dad in your restaurants? Here’s a delicious idea that you can add as one of your limited time offers for the occasion.   Ingredients: 1kg Pork Chops 1tbsp Garlic, minced  3tbsp Calamansi Juice ¼ tsp McCormick Friends and Flavor Club Thyme Leaves Whole ¼ tsp McCormick…

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    Independence day recipe: Longganisa & Beef Stew

      INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp              butter 1/2 cup           onion, minced 2 tbsp              garlic, minced 500g               beef sirloin or brisket, cut into cubes 1 pack             Clara Olé Filipino Style Pasta Sauce 3 cups             water 250g               Longganisa Hamonado or garlic flavor,                        sliced…

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    Filipino food: a cuisine of many influences

    When we set out to produce an episode all about Filipino food, we knew we'd need a general overview of the cuisine of the Philippines: what it's like, what influenced its past, and how it's evolved to become the hottest new thing in the food world. We couldn't think of anyone better to turn to…

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    How to pick the best oven 101

    Planning to invest in an oven for your business? Here are the 3 things you should consider before purchasing one!

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