BOODLE FIGHT DISH #3: Honey Garlic Crab

Szechuan? Salt and Pepper? Steamed? Scratch that. Unlock a new way to serve fresh crabs with this recipe idea!


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3-4 pcs, mud crab, cleaned
2 tbsp vegetable oil 
30g garlic, chopped 
30g leeks, sliced 
5g red chili, chopped 
¾ cup Lee Kum Kee Honey Garlic Sauce 
1 cup water 
30g unsalted butter
Seasoned flour, as needed
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Prepare crabs by cleaning and cutting in half 
2. In a hot wok, heat up oil then dredge the crabs in seasoned flour.
3. Deep fry until cooked halfway. Set aside. 
4. In another wok, heat up oil. Sauté garlic, leeks and red chilis.
5. Add Lee Kum Kee Honey Garlic Sauce and water. Season with salt and pepper. 
6. Add crabs and simmer. 
7. Finish with butter.



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