‘All About Spicy’ at TasteSetters Workshop #SetTheTrend

I’m ecstatically eager to attend todays workshop conducted by Tastesetters not just because I love to learn more about cooking but also because I find todays theme to be interesting. I’m half Bicolano, and grew up surrounded by people who loves spicy dishes. Making that a big influence to my liking when it comes to food. And for todays workshop it is “All about Spicy“! *grin*

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Imagine Tabasco sauce in your Creme Brulee, Green curry rice or Chocolate Chicken Nuggets, and so much more. Weird as it may sound but the tastesetters participants really set the bar high when it comes to creation and creativity. Well those are just a few of what I have witness when I attended the event.

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When I arrive at the venue in CCA Makati, familiar faces welcomed me at the seminar. Two of my colleagues at PCHM where the ones leading the event, Ms. Alu and Adolf Aran. Mr. Adolf Aran discusses how Filipino food can help reinvent the future of food trends while Ms. Alu facilitated the group activity. Ms. Sandy Cu of SySu, the brand behind Lee Kum Kee, Tabasco and Clara Ole etc,  welcomed the #TasteSetters community by inviting us to take part in creating and influencing new food trends. Which is actually the main goal of this event.


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The bloggers who attended the seminar was distributed to different groups. I was part of group 4, the initial winning team, which is composed of chefs and key people in the R&D. I actually like the mix of the individuals in a team . It’s like a complete kitchen personnel with me positioned to do the documentation. They became very inquisitive asking me about the blogging community. It was funny that they were very cautious if i’m a food blogger, maybe because they thought that one mistake they do could be reflected in my writing. Well they were relieve when I told them that I am not.

We were assigned to create three different sweet dishes incorporating the theme “spicy”. So we gather up and decided what dishes to prepare. But before huddling up, we first witness the award winning Chef, Chef Louise Mabulo created three dishes incorporating different spicy ingredients.

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Known as the Philippine Culinary prodigy as early as age 12, Chef Louise Mabulo has been continuously whipping up multi-award winning dishes around the world! With her promising passion and incredible talent in cooking, she and the TasteSetters community aim to heat up the food culture with new spicy food trends! Made me question myself, what am I doing when I am about her age!  She event compete for archery, This girl is pure talent!


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These Spicy Chocolate Chicken Nuggets are a perfect blend of sweet and spicy! Created by Chef Mabulo

I was really impressed on how my team worked together. They have created three different sweet dishes incorporating spicy ingredients. I actually love how they assigned each of the team members to do different things.  And I was also happy to see some of the techniques in preparing desserts, I actually learned a lot. Looking at the other team, it seams that everyone is really up to win the game! These are some of the dish my team created.

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I wasn’t able to witness who won the competition, but I am truly impressed on the different creations these Tastesetters have made. The judges truly, I think, did a very difficult job in announcing which of the team won. Nevertheless, everyone is still a winner for these kind of activities will surely give each and everyone and insight for new ideas, tips and tricks to really #SetTheTrend!

Here are some of the dish the other team have made.

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tastesetters by sysu (26 of 28)

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